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 Pking Guide

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PostSubject: Pking Guide   Pking Guide I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 22, 2011 3:35 am

First off, I want to say I am the first person to make this guide so there!

What I'm Going to Be Talking About Today:

-What is Pking?
-Getting Pking Gear.
-Your inventory
-When to Eat
Pking is Player killing, where you fight other players, and if your good you will kill them and get there loot. Pking can make you a TON of money since some players bring there whole bank into the wilderness. Before we start off with the guide you need to know some Pk Slang, and other quick things.

Loot: Is the items you get from whoever you killed, like there armour, and weapons.

Veng: Veng is short for the vengence spell which you can cast at level 94 magic. What vengence does is this: If your opponent hits you for a 20, a little bit like 10 damage will rebound or damage your opponent. This spell can be cast every 30 seconds.

Safe/Safing: To safe, is too eat food when you are relativly high Hitpoints. For example to eat a shark every time you go under 70 Hitpoints is known as safing since, most weapons can't hit a 70. Safing makes the battle very long and drawn out, and pretty much is just a fight to see who runs out of food first.

Pot up/Potting up: To pot up, means to drink the potions you brought into Pking with you like your extreme defences, and attacks, mabye even a Overload.

Pjing/Pj: To Pj or to be a Pjer means you attack someone right after they have finished there fight so they don't have enough time to react. If you see people with dragon claws standing around just "watching" your fight they will most likley attack you right after your opponent has been killed.

Hybrid/Hybriding/Hybrider: A hybrid is a Pker who uses a combination of diffrent attacks. This ussally means they will switch from using Barrage on you, too using a Chaotic Rapier.

Pure: A pure is a player who has specific levels they cannot pass. Pures try to be a low level so they can kill lower levels and still get high hits. An example of this is the Strength pure, who has 1 defence, and 99 Strength. Having 1 defence makes it so his/her combat level is lower,but the pker can still hit as big as a maxed out player.

No food/0 food: Someone when your fighting might say something along the lines of "no food left", then they will turn on there Soul Split which helps them gain back there hp without eating.

Smite/Smited: Players say that they "smited" someone for there ags, alot. What smiting is, its using the Smite, or the Soul Split prayer, which drain the opposing players prayer. That player should be using protect item, then once you've taken all there prayer away they won't be able to protect item.

Skull:In pvp most players won't fight you unless your skulled. Being skulled means you lose all items upon death, unless you have the protect item prayer on. Many players might ask "::skull?"

A Quick Guide to Getting Pk Gear!
This is just a real quick guide to getting Pking gear. Ussally Pking gear is reletivly cheap gear, that players can buy alot of, like rune. Here are just a few quick money making methods that I use to make my money and alot of other players use. If you want to find out about these money making methods look them up in the rest of the guide section!
- Mining Rune Ore
- Fishing Monkfish
- Doing slayer
- Killing abbys
- Killing Dark beasts
- Killing other boss monsters
- doing skilling
- Merchanting
In my guide I will be showing you how to be a welfare pker meaning wairing rune armour but still doing fairly good. So I have made a list of items you will need for Pking:
- 10 Rune armour sets (no helms, and boots)
- 10 Dragon boots
- 1-3 whips
- 100 saradomin brews
- 50 super attacks, strs, and defences, or you can use extremes.
- rune defenders, rune kites, dragon kites
- Super prayers
- 50 super restores
- 200 sharks or monkfish
- 500 casts of Vengence
- 10 helm of neitziot

You can buy more of any of these or less depending on how much you die, or what you feel comfortable with!
You can get potions from other players or if you are going to be pking alot i highly recomend getting 99 herblore. You can get all the armour from the supplies stores. You can buy whips from other players or kill abbys, with 85 slayer.
Your Inventory
People ask this alot, when to eat? Well there are three main ways: risk, noob, and normal. lets go through them all:
Risk: risking food eating means you are eating at around 40 hitpoints, Since players can hit 40s with most weapons this is risking it. I don't suggest this method if your new to pking. Once you are better at it, then you can do this. People will respect you for not safing.

Noob: Noob eating, or better known as safing is what you should do when you first start. You don't want to be a super safer and eat at like 80, but once you hit 60-70 you can eat.

Normal: This is my fave since most people do it this way. All you do is eat when you get to around 40-50 hp.
Eating at the right time can make or break it in pking, your not a good pker if you dont know when to eat!
Prayers are an important part of pking. The first kind of prayers we will look over will be the ancients prayers, since the normal prayers are'nt even half as interesting.

Turmoil: Turmoil is the highest level prayer you can use, at level 95. It is also an extremely good prayer. When activated, this curse provides a base increase of 15% to Attack and Defence and a 23% increase to Strength. As a bonus it also adds 15% of their opponent's Attack, 15% of their Defence and 10% of their Strength. It gives so many bonuses, and this can also be stacked with bezerker prayer. When using this prayer you should use it right when you start your fight.

A Glossary of Pvp Weapons and Armour!
This part of the guide will talk about each and every pvp weapon and armour piece in GREAT detail! So lets start this off. Vesta, Morrigans, And chaotics I beileve give you like 5-10 hours of game play with them, and the corrupt ones give you like one hour!
Vesta Longsword: The vesta longsword is the second best longsword in the game, the Chaotic longsword beats it. The vesta longsword is very close to the chaotic longsword, it is almost unnoticible that they are diffrent. The vesta longsword does have a special attack, though. This special is called "feint" It inflicts 20% more damage to the player, and is almost impossible to block. Using the special only takes up 25% of the special bar, so you can use it 4 times. If you use overloads, prayers, and max str gear you can one hit KO players with this weapon.

Vesta Spear: The vesta spear is the best spear you can have in the game, the second best is the zamorakian spear. The vesta spear, does have better stats then the Vesta longsword, but the vesta longsword hits, faster, and also has a special attack that is devastating. The vesta spear does have a special attack, that acts like the dragon spear, except it hits the opponent as well. It takes 50% of the specc bar away. I must say the vesta spear is not the greatest pvp weapon. It is very good in staking since the player can simply specc you so you cannot hit them.

Vesta Chainbody: The vesta chainbody is currently the best armor in the game Because of the str bonus. It supresses the bandos chestplate by a around 50 points in everything. It also has a better strength bonus it has +6 while bandos has +4. If you want max str bonus and the best armour then buy this.

Vesta Plateskirt: The vesta plate skirt is the best platelegs/skirt in the game because of the str bonus, It defeats teh bandos tassets by around 40 points, It has a better str bonus, and soaks more damage then the tassets.

Statius platebody: The Statius platebody is currently the best armor in the game, for the defensive stats, but the vesta chain body has a better str bonus, the chainbody also protects against magic, better, and it has a better crush defence. Statius is good against things like daggers, rapiers, and anything that does not use the crush attack.

Statius platelegs: With the Statius platelegs, they pretty much are the same thing as statius platebody. It has good stats, and is overall better then the vesta plateskirt, except the skirt, has a better crush protection, has a better str bonus, and absorbs better.

Statius full helm: The Statius full helm, Is the best helm that you can buy. I belive the dragon full helm comes in second, But the statius helm is way better then the dfh. The statius helm has a Str bonus, but the bezerker helm, and the helm of neitzgot both have this str bonus. It only has a -1 too magic protection, making it pretty good.

Statius Warhammer: The statius warhammer is the best warhammer in the game, It also has a higher crush bonus then the vesta longsword, But it does not have as big a str bonus as the vls. It also does not give any defensive bonuses. The warhammers special attack is extremely usefull because what it does is it deals 25% more damage then a regular hit, and also lowers your defence by 30% of whatever you hit. It takes 35% of the special bar to use this attack. This weapon is almost like a one handed bgs, since the bgs special is the same but alot weaker, and it can only be used once.

Morrigans Javelin: The morrigans javelin is the best javelin in the game with a +105 range attack, and +145 in range str. The javelins have a special attack, that is almost like poison. This damage is faster than poison, and may be stacked with poison damage. This extra damage will hit 50s on the opponent every 2 seconds until it adds up to the damage dealt. You can make your javelins poisoned so you get even more damage. This special attack, takes 50% off your special bar.

Morrigans throwing axe: These axes, are the best throwing axes in the game, and have a special attack, that deal 20% more damage then normal, and lower the opponents run energy 4X faster in the next minute, this is great if the player is running away. The throwing axes are not as good as the javelins, but the axes can be used with a sheild which, may yeild to better overall defence and damage.

Morrigans Leather Body: Morrigans leather body is the best range body you can buy, the second best would be the armadyl chest plate, but overall morrigans leather body, has better defence stats, and better range str. The only thing it does not have that the ACP has is 1+ to prayer.

Morrigans leather chaps: The leather chaps also are the best chaps, the armadyl plate skirt coming in second. It has the same overall betterness as the leatehr body, but does not have the +1 to prayer.

Zuriels staff: Zureils staff is the best magic staff in the game since it has a special attack that lowers all range and melle attack speeds by 50%. It also has a reasnably high magic bonus at +18 which is ok. It also gives you defence bonuses against most attacks. Zuriels is really not very good pvp gear, so I would stay away from it.

Zuriels hood: The hood, is the best magic hood you can have in the game, but when pking I would suggest just wairing a helm of Neitzgot. The hood has +8 magic attack.

Zuriels robe top The zuriels robe top, is the best robe top in the game, It has a +35 magic attack. If you where to buy one of these zuriel items, it should be the robe top, since it gives the most magic attack bonus.

Zuriels robe bottoms: The robe bottoms, are the best robe bottoms in the game, and give you a +25 magic attack bonus.

Dharoks set: The Dharok set, is used by many players for Its amazing ability. This ability is: The lower your Hitpoints the higher you hit. So players in pvp let there hit points drop lower so they can have the chance to kill the opposing player. Most of the time the player will wair dh with a whip and a defender, for its speed and not eat, then when they get to a low enough hp they whip out the axe. Dh set value: 300M.

Abyssal whip: The abyssal whip, is one of mabye and most likley the most the most popular weapon used in SmiteX. This weapon is dropped by abyssal demons, and can be alched for 17.6M. Its special attack has 20% more accuracy then a normal hit. The whip is the second fastest weapon since the chaotic rapier does supress it.

Chaotic Rapier: The chaotic rapier, can be bought from anywhere from 800m-1b. The rapier currently hits the fastest and has the best stab bonus. The rapier is very good against dragons, giants, and other monsters that are weak to stab attacks. Many players think the Chaotic rapier is stronger since it hits higher, but the rapier hits faster, and the hits add up. The chaotic rapier is not a great pvp weapon, but some players do use it. If your opponent has a platebody, then i would suggest not using the rapier.

Chaotic KiteShield: The chaotic kite shield is the best shield in the game if you look at the stats, some say it is suppressed by the divine spirit shield, some don't. The chaotic kiteshield costs around 600m for a 90 charge one. The sheild, is a very good shield but it really isnt made for pvp since it has a negative magic bonus.

This section will grow and grow, from my own ideas, and others.
- using the "F" keys (f1, f2, f3, f4, ect.) are really helpful, They let you manuver through your tabs very quickly. More on " f keys later"
-Try different ways to pk. Found out what best suits you.
Try find different styles of combat , rushing, defence against rushers
Attacks against rushers. Gear that has high defence
Gear that has low value. Stuff that hits through divines.
-Best tip for pking, get the other person hitpoints to zero and keep yours up.)
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Pking Guide
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